Standing Rules


CSR/SC Chapter, Aiken, SC

of the American Sewing Guild

Standing Rules—2018

The CSR/SC Chapter of the American Sewing Guild (ASG) follows the ASG Chapter By-laws and all policies and procedures contained in the Policy and Procedures Manual, which is located on the ASG website This document sets forth the policies and procedures that apply specifically to the CSR/SC Chapter, Aiken, SC.


1. The CSR Chapter will follow membership rules as outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual and adhere to the Guest Policy. P&P, p. 4-10

2. A membership directory is available on the chapter website and is accessible to all members.

3. The Membership Coordinator will contact lapsed members to determine their reasons for non-renewal and encourage them to renew. The Coordinator will then report this information to the CAB at the next CAB meeting or by e-mail if the reason is of a serious nature.

4. Problematic members will be taken aside in an effort to solve the issue. The CAB will decide who is best fit to start the discussion, but the President has the responsibility to ensure the conversation takes place. If the issue cannot be solved locally, it should be referred to National. It may be best for the member/members to seek another chapter.

5. Memorial remembrances/gifts.  

a. CAB members (to include elected, appointed and committee heads): In the event of illness, the Secretary will send a card or other appropriate item as determined by the CAB on an individual basis. In the case of a death, the Treasurer will send a donation, not to exceed $25, to the memorial fund designated by the family. The memorial fund will fall under miscellaneous expenses in the annual budget. In the event of the death of a spouse/close family member, the Secretary will send an appropriate card from the chapter.

b. Other members: Individual Neighborhood Groups (NGs) will determine the action to be taken. If deemed appropriate by the individual/family member, this information may be shared via the e-mail communications chain for individual responses to the situation.

Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) Members

1. Elected positions/sole voting members. There MUST always be an odd number of voting members. The chapter may function with only a President, Secretary and Treasurer. P&P, p. 7-3; By laws, Article VI, Sec. 5A , p. 3-9; P&P, Chapter Charter, p. 3-13

a. President

b. 1st Vice President—Outreach/Communications

c. 2nd Vice President—Programming

d. Secretary

e. Treasurer

2. Appointed committee positions (non-voting) headed by the 1st Vice President:

a. Newsletter Editor

b. Website Coordinator

c. E-mail Coordinator

d. Retail Liaison

e. Advertising & Publicity 

f. Social Media Coordinator 

g. Nominations: Chair + 2 others representing the various areas in the chapter

3. Appointed committee positions (non-voting) headed by the 2nd Vice President:

a. Education Programmer

b. Special Events Coordinator

c. Membership Coordinator

d. Neighborhood Group Coordinator

e. Historian

f. Social Events Coordinator (if needed)

4. Neighborhood Group (NG) leaders are non-voting members.

5. The duties for each position are located in the ASG Policy and Procedures Manual. 

6. Elected members cannot serve more than four years in the same position. (See more in Elections.) 

CAB Meetings

1. There will be a minimum of four CAB meetings per year.

2. If a CAB member cannot attend a meeting, they should notify the President and give their reports no later than two days prior to the meeting, with the exception of illness or emergency situations. The President, Secretary and Treasurer together shall determine excused/unexcused absences. Two consecutive unexcused absences from scheduled CAB meetings constitute grounds for termination from the CAB. Termination shall be implemented by a majority vote of the CAB.

3. When an item needs to be voted on immediately, voting can be done by e-mail and the vote ratified at the next CAB meeting. The President will propose the item to be voted on, and the Secretary or President will keep track of the e-mail responses for ratification. 

4. Dates for the CAB meetings for the year will be set during the last meeting of the previous year and published in the newsletter. Follow-up e-mails will be sent. Those attending the CAB meetings are asked to RSVP the President, for planning purposes.

5. The President (or Secretary) will issue the meeting agenda no less than ten days prior to the meeting and share with chapter members. Items needed to be added to the agenda should be sent to the President at least five days prior to the meeting. Additions to the agenda at the CAB meeting will be done at the discretion of the CAB and if time allows.

6. Prior to a CAB meeting, the Secretary will send copies of the minutes of the previous meeting to all chapter members and group leaders. They may be e-mailed as an attachment to the agenda and reminder notification.

7. NG leaders are encouraged to attend all CAB meetings, report on their group activities and contribute to the discussion.

8. Non-members are welcome to attend, although they may be asked to limit their remarks during any discussion. No voting privileges will be extended.

9. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If someone cannot act in a civil/professional manner, they will be asked to leave the meeting until such time that they can participate calmly.

Annual Meeting and Elections

1. The Annual Meeting shall be held in October, November or December of each year (the last third of the year—Sept.-Dec.). Officers will be elected at this meeting by a vote of members who are present and proxy ballots sent to the Nominations Chair.

2. Notification of the meeting will appear in the newsletter prior to the date the proxy ballot must be received. 

3. Members of the Nominations committee should represent different areas of the chapter. One member will chair the committee and receive proxy ballots mailed in before the election.

4. The candidate nominated for the position of President must be a member of the CSR/SC CAB for at least one full year within the previous three years.

5. CAB members should be rotated so that not all members are new to the board at the same time.

6. In the event the Annual Meeting has to be canceled at the last minute (for any reason: weather, venue issues, illness, etc.), the E-Mail Coordinator will send a mass e-mail with a ballot. An e-mail vote will be taken and the responses sent within five days to the Nominations Chair, who will then tally the votes and announce the results. E-mail documentation will be kept on file. Fifteen percent of the total chapter membership must reply and vote, for a quorum.

Chapter Finances

1. The annual budget will be submitted for CAB approval at the first CAB meeting of the new year.

2. An amount equivalent to six months’ expenses (as defined in the current budget) or $2,000, whichever is larger, shall remain in the treasury at all times.

3. CAB members will not be reimbursed for travel-related expenses unless specificall